PhotoFast CF and SD Cards Review

I have been using a few memory cards from PhotoFast over the past few weeks alongside my usual mix of Lexar, Kingston and SanDisk cards. Specifically, the PhotoFast GMonster 533x 32GB and 533x Plus 16GB CF cards have spent a lot of time in my Canon 5D Mark II and a Nikon D300s that I’ve had on hand.  Additionally, I’ve tried out the PhotoFast 16GB Class 10 SD/SDHC card. [Read more…]


7 Awesome Memory Card Deals

SanDisk Extreme III SD Cards

1. Kingston 2GB SD Card

$6.95 @ B&H Photo

2. Kingston 4GB SD Card (Class 6)

$14.50 @ B&H Photo

I’ve got a bag full of the 2GB version of this card and they have performed great in a variety of Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLRs.

3. Kingston 8GB 133x CF Card

$22.95 @ B&H Photo

4. 5 PACK – SanDisk 2GB Extreme III SD Cards

$49.95 @ Adorama

5. Lexar 16GB 60x SD Card

$29.00 @ Adorama (after $30 mail-in rebate)

6. Kingston 2GB 50x CF Card

$9.95 @ Adorama

7. Kingston 8GB CF Card (standard version)

$19.74 @ (still in stock for now)