Nikon SB-910 Speedlight Announced

Nikon SB-910

Nikon has unveiled the SB-910 Speedlight, which now serves as the top-tier Speedlight in its lineup.

The SB-910 adds a new graphic interface and control set.  It also features a new thermal cut-out system that will increase recycle times as the flash heats up instead of shutting down completely while it cools off.

The SB-910 covers a 17-200mm angle of view range and will automatically detect whether it is attached to an FX or DX camera, and then adjust the zoom head accordingly.

Additionally, the SB-910 features new hard-type color compensation filters for fluorescent and incandescent color temperature balancing.  When applied, the SB-910 can change the white balance setting of the camera automatically.  The coverage patterns can be adjusted for standard, center-weighted and even for control over the light spread.

The SB-910 retails for $549.95 and will be available December 2011.  Check availability on Amazon and B&H.

More info the the official press release below. [Read more…]