Samsung GX-30 and NX Series Rumored for July 7

Update: As of 1/4/10, the Samsung NX10 has been officially announced.  For more details, click here.

A bit a rumor-mongering and “reports” suggest a July 7th announcement date for the Samsung GX-30 and an NX Series camera.

This post at Pentax Forums alludes the July 7 announce date, while following up with a couple of pictures I took at PMA 2009 of the new NX series prototype.  These images actually appeared on the promo screen, which was essentially a slide show of a NX series mockup that showed “features” of the coming camera system.  [Read more…]


Samsung GX-30 Rumors

Photo Rumors is reporting to have reliable info that the Samsung GX-30 will be introduced in June 2009.  Presumably, this will be a follow-up to the Samsung GX-20.  Perhaps Samsung will change its mind and bring the GX-30 along with the Samsung NX series to US consumers.

The Samsung GX-20 was practically a clone of the Pentax K20D.  The partnership between Samsung and Pentax has been rumored to be taking a different direction since the K20D and GX-20 were introduced.  While it would make sense to see a K-7 clone as the new Samsung DSLR, recent trends between the two suggest otherwise.

At PMA 2009, Samsung was certainly not banging the DSLR drum.  In fact, they were downplaying it.  It would be curious to see Samsung jump out with a new DSLR when the NX series is still on the drawing board as a product they hope to launch by Q4 2009.  However, when the Photo Rumors folks call something reliable, there’s usually something to it.  Stay tuned.