Canon PowerShot S90 Review

Canon PowerShot S90

The Canon PowerShot S90 is a 10MP point and shoot camera, but it’s more than just another compact camera.  It symbolizes a return of the popular Sxx-series of cameras.  It boils down to a G11-junior with a portability bonus and, of course, the same RAW format capture.

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Hands-on: Canon S90


The Canon S90 is a new tempting point-and-shoot even for a pro shooter like myself (as well as other journalists.) The camera was announced today by Canon during a press event at the Museum of Natural History today in NYC. This camera is targeted towards professionals and enthusiasts that want a compact camera of some sort that can deliver better image quality than most of the other point-and-shoots out there. Granted, the camera seems to be able to deliver so far on the promise.

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