Rumor Alert: Yet Another New DSLR Coming September 8th

Just got a tip about a new DSLR that will be announced on September 8.  The source doesn’t provide a model; however, there is an indication that it will be a prosumer or low-end pro model.

This has been a rather busy season for DSLRs, particularly over the past couple of weeks.  I sure don’t see much room for too many more entry-level DSLRs; however, camera manufacturers have been pretty thin on releasing pro-grade gear so far.  I suppose that the Canon 60D fits into the prosumer category, but that’s about it.

We’re all still waiting and hoping for a number of pro and prosumer models . . . Canon 1Ds Mark IV, Sony A700 replacement, Nikon D90 or D700 replacement and pretty much anything from Pentax.  With this in mind, we could still be rather busy in the lead up to Photokina 2010.

Stay tuned for the latest.  And, if you have any additional info on upcoming gear, feel free to drop me a tip via the contact form.

Canon 60D Nearing Launch, Confirmed by DxO?


Rumors of a Canon 60D situated in the EOS lineup below the 7D have been stirring in recent months.  However, what appears to be an unintentional leak at DxO adds significantly more weight to those rumors.

While I would expect this page to be updated soon to remove the 60D references, DxO has its “roadmap” for DxO Optics Modules slating the 60D and a number of lenses on schedule for support in November/December 2010.

That would be about right for a camera released in August/September of this year.

Look for lots more on the Canon 60D as we approach Photokina 2010.

[DxO via Canon Rumors]

Samsung NX10 Images Leaked

Samsung NX10

Update #2:  As of 1/4/10, the Samsung NX10 has been officially announced.  For more details, click here.

Update: After this post was published, Samsung contacted me and requested the addition of the following statement: This information was not supplied by Samsung and does not represent an official announcement of the NX10. Final technical specifications and details regarding the camera system will be made available by authorized Samsung representatives at a later date, with the official launch of the product.

It looks like some images of a production model of the Samsung NX10 have leaked out onto the web via DPR forums.  The above image shows the smaller body design with no mirror in between the lens mount and the 14.6-megapixel sensor.

You can also see the video setting on the mode dial in the other images in the DPR forum.  It looks like a pretty nice design; however, not quite as small as you might expect from a mirrorless body.

We’ve been waiting a long time to get hands on a production model from the Samsung NX series.  It looks like we may be getting close to that actually happening.  Hopefully, we’ll see a release by the time CES 2010 rolls around and get to play with this new camera.

[via DPR forum]

Nikon D3s Rumor Update

Poorly Photoshopped Nikon D3s

The Nikon D3s may be announced on October 14.  Apparently, there is a Nikon press event set for that date and all signs point to a D3s, which is consistent with previous rumors.  The Nikon D3 is out of stock just about everywhere.  Rumored specs include a frame rate of 14 fps and 1080p HD video capture, as well as a sensitivity range of ISO 200-12800 (expandable up to ISO 102,400 equivalent) on a tweaked 12.1 mp FX sensor.

The rumored release date is next Wednesday folks.  Stay tuned to see what, if anything, Nikon has in store for us.

[Zoom via Neutral Day]

Canon 1D Mark IV – Early 2010 [Rumor]

Not the Canon 1D Mark IV

Rumors of a Canon 1D Mark IV have been floating around since not too long after the criticisms of the autofocus performance for the Canon 1D Mark III came to light.  Rumors were swirling prior to the announcement of the Canon 7D that the 1D Mark IV might surface this Fall.  Those rumors have since died down.

As I’m sure you are aware though, when one rumor dies, there are plenty more ready to fill in the gaps.  The latest rumor is calling for a Canon 1D Mark IV announcement in early 2010 or around the “end of January” as one Canon Rumors tipster puts it. [Read more...]

Canon DSLR With Vari-Angle LCD Coming?

Canon Vari-Angle LCD Feature Survey

I just finished an online survey for Canon owners, which they send out via email every so often.  This was a “Camera Feature Survey” and it shows that Canon is thinking hard about a Vari-Angle LCD, which is listed as the 4th item in the screen capture above.

I have included a couple of screenshots as evidence of this possible feature.  Personally, I think this is something that Canon must do – at the very least on the Rebel line.  Sony’s been there for a while and Nikon is knocking socks off with the D5000‘s tilt/swivel screen, particularly for shooting video.

Canon Feature Survey

Canon 60D and 1D Mark IV Updates

Recent Canon 60D rumors, which would replace the not-so-old Canon 50D, suggest the following:

  • 3″ OLED screen
  • New battery and grip (the BP-511 is getting rather dated)
  • GPS Built-in
  • Wifi as an add-on

Similar spec rumors on the Canon 1D Mark IV:

  • 3″ OLED screen
  • APS-H format
  • 12 frames per second (presumably, it will autofocus properly)
  • GPS Built-in
  • Wifi as an add-on

[via Canon Rumors – post #1 and post #2)

Sony A800 Rumor Update

Another wish spec-list has surfaced on the Sony A800.  While doubtful, I thought I would pass this one along as well.

Sony A800 Specs (Rumor #3)

  • 16.2MP full frame sensor exmor R (new technology)
  • 100-25600 ISO
  • 8 frame/sec
  • SSI, same a900 OVF, new AF system,
  • GPS and WiFi built-in
  • 3.5 in. LCD display
  • Pop-up flash
  • Flash sync (1/500)
  • Camera level
  • 23 AF sensors
  • Quick Live View
  • Video Full HD
  • Dust/splashes sealed
  • Aluminum-magnesium alloy body
  • Released early September, 2009

Seems a little ambitious to me . . . .  I like the previous list better as specs that we might actually see.  To be fair, Photo Rumors doesn’t give the tip any real credence either.

[DPR forum via Photo Rumors]