BH Photo Rewards

B&H has increased its reward program and is now paying out a 4% reward on purchases of most DSLR and mirrorless cameras and lenses. With the Nikon DSLR and lens rebates, Canon DSLR and lens bundle rebates and the Canon lens instant rebates going on right now, this is a good time to pick up a deal on camera gear.

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Nikon D800

If you aren’t familiar with the new “Rewards” programs running at several online retailers, it is basically a store credit deal. Essentially, if you make a purchase of a qualifying product, Adorama gives you 2% in store credit toward your future purchases.

For example, you buy a $1000 camera and Adorama gives you $20 in rewards credit. Adorama has a special right now on certain gear where they are handing out 6% rewards through May 1, 2013. That same $1000 camera purchase would yield you $60 in rewards credits instead of the usual $20. Details are on Adorama’s site on applicable product pages.

The 6% rewards applies to the following gear:

  1. Canon Cameras
  2. Canon Lenses
  3. Nikon Cameras
  4. Sony Cameras

Again, specific details are on Adorama’s site, but make sure you read them so you know when your “rewards” are issued and when they expire.

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