Olympus E-3 Review at The Online Photographer

The Online Photographer has published the fourth installment of its review of the Olympus E-3.  This part deals the the Live View feature of the Olympus flagship DSLR.

The system works perfectly okay for static subjects, and for some things—notably macro photography of non-moving subjects, especially close to the ground—it can work a lot better than the regular optical viewfinder.

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Canon Digital Rebel XSi Review at Digital Camera Info

Digital Camera Info has posted a review of the new 12.2 megapixel Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi. The new Digital Rebel XSi kit comes with an stabilized 18-55mm lens. Canon’s entry-level DSLR now features a 3″ rear LCD panel that’s capable of Live View framing and focusing.

The XSi is more of an evolution than a revolution; the new features it adds over previous Digital Rebels are useful (and generally well executed), but none of them add that much to the experience of using the camera.

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Olympus E-420 Review at PhotographyBLOG

PhotographyBLOG has reviewed the new Olympus E-420.

So while existing owners don’t have quite a compelling enough reason to upgrade, those buying into the Olympus Four Thirds system now will get a reliable performer at a bargain price. Beginners will also relish the ease of use and the lack of bulk and weight normally associated with a DSLR.

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Capture NX2 Hands-on Preview at Luminescent Photo

Capture NX2 was just announced and Luminescent Photo has put together a hands-on preview of the new software.  Detailing a number of the improvements in NX2, Jason Odell appears quite pleased with the updated software, noting:

The ease by which photographers can create incredibly complex mask effects takes the “work” out of the image editing process and allows creativity to come to the forefront. Users who enjoyed Capture NX 1.3 will definitely appreciate the enhancements in NX2.

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Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer Review at PC Mag

PC Mag has review the new Poloroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer.  With the PoGo, Polaroid takes a step back to its roots and tries to deliver instant photo prints in the digital age.  Unfortunately, it seems that Polaroid has kept with the tradition of marginal image quality in its instant photos.

Output quality is far from ideal, or even what you’d expect from your local drug store. Colors in more than half of my test photos were noticeably off, shifting some light colors to yellow, some shades of red to purple, and making some photos seem faded or washed out.