Olympus SP-570 UZ Review at DC Views

DC Views has reviewed the 18x optical zoom Olympus SP-570 UZ.

It can capture nice wide angle shots of landscapes or interiors while the tele lens is long enough to capture that bird on a wire as well. Handling is excellent and image quality is very good. Add to this a good image stabilisation system, shadow adjustment and face detection, and lots of manual control.

Canon Rebel XSi Review at Photography Blog

Canon Rebel XSiPhotographyBLOG has posted a full review of the new 12.2 megapixel Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi. The new Digital Rebel XSi kit comes with an stabilized 18-55mm lens. Canon’s entry-level DSLR now features a 3″ rear LCD panel that’s capable of Live View framing and focusing.

Image quality is on a par with the EOS 400D, with noise-free images up to ISO 800 and a very usable fastest speed of 1600, so usable that I don’t understand why the EOS 450D doesn’t also offer ISO 3200.

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Olympus E-420 Review at Camera Labs

Camera Labs has posted a review of the new Olympus E-420 entry-level DSLR.

Indeed while being perfectly suitable as a primary DSLR, the E-420 and pancake lens will equally appeal to those with larger DSLRs looking for a secondary, smaller option – even if they use a different brand. These people may have been considering enthusiasts compacts like the Canon G9 or Sigma DP1, but by going only a little larger they could enjoy a fully-fledged DSLR with the power and flexibility that brings.

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Sigma DP1 Review at Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews has posted a full review of the Sigma DP1.

There are other cameras with similar handling, but the sensor size is sure to appeal to a certain type of photographer. Whilst it has certain charms, it’s by no means perfect and minor adjustments to the design of the camera would make it more usable, while Sigma also needs to look at the flash and fix those problems for any subsequent models.