Epson SureColor P600 Printer Review

Epson SureColor P600 Printer-16

Epson unveiled its SureColor P600 13″ printer last fall and started shipping earlier this year. As a replacement for┬áthe popular R3000, the P600 is a first P-series (for “photo”) printer in the SureColor line. The ink set is entirely new and with deeper black density and improved contrast ratio and dynamic range.

As a 13″ printer, the P600┬ásits in the mid-range enthusiast and low-end of the pro market, while the 17″ Epson SureColor P800 is the latest Epson P-series printer that replaced the extremely popular 3880.
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Canon 5Ds R vs. Sony A7R II Hands-On Review

Check out this video from Kai at Digital Rev as he does a hands-on comparison between the 50MP Canon 5Ds R and the 42MP Sony A7R II. This review is even a little more superficial than others he has done, but you get a clear sense of his first impression.

Personally, I think the 5Ds R and A7R II are mostly going to be finding their way into different kinds of photographers’ camera bags. With the A7R II being a more popular pick for a wider variety of images, while the 5Ds R is a little more niche for landscape and studio work where low sensitivity and high resolution are the primary concerns.

Have you considered these two cameras as competing options? Did you buy one over the other?

Sony A7R II Hands-On Review

Kai from DigitalRev TV is back with another entertaining hands-on review. This time, the new Sony A7R II is on deck. The photography corner of the Internet is freaking out over this camera and, it appears, that is for good reason.

Sony has been killing it lately and it looks like the A7R II is putting Canon and Nikon to shame is several different regards. Sony continues to take risks in the digital camera market and it looks like those are paying off with products that photography enthusiasts love.