MIT Researchers Develop Way to Automatically Remove Reflections from Photos Taken Through Windows

MIT Window Reflection Removal

If you’ve ever shot a scenic photo from an airplane window or a hotel room window, then you will appreciate this new digital imaging breakthrough.¬†Researchers at MIT have developed a new algorithm that can automatically remove reflections from photos shot through windows.¬† [Read more…]


Voice-Driven Photo Editing from Adobe

Check out the above video for a sneak peak on some of the work being done by Adobe Research and the University of Michigan. PixelTone is an experimental interface for image editing.

Photo editing can be a challenging task, and it becomes even more difficult on the small, portable screens of mobile devices that are now frequently used to capture and edit images. To address this problem we present PIXELTONE, a multimodal photo editing interface that combines speech and direct manipulation. We observe existing image editing practices and derive a set of principles that guide our design. In particular, we use natural language for expressing desired changes to an image, and sketching to localize these changes to specific regions.

You can read more on PixelTone in a 9-page research paper that documents the development of this multimodel interface.