Nikon D600 Owners Get New D610 Out of Lawsuit


Remember the class action lawsuit that was stirring a few months back from D600 owners?

Well, it looks like a settlement has been reached and D600 owners who were part of the lawsuit now have the chance to trade in their D600 models for a new D610.

Below is an email received by a D600 owner that had been part of the lawsuit. He posted the email on the fredmiranda forums. I have added emphasis to certain key parts of the email. [Read more…]

Nikon D3 Replacement in 2009?

Granted, this would be rather odd timing to release a replacement for the Nikon D3 professional grade DSLR; however, Photo Rumors has info they’re calling reliable that such a replacement will be announced this Fall.  The tipster says that the D3 replacement will maintain the 12.3 megapixel sensor found in the current D3, but points to the addition of a dust removal system.  I would hope that any replacement to this $4k camera would have more upgrades than a dust removal system.

If there is credence to this rumor, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a feature set matched to the Nikon D300s, which purportedly will feature HD video capture.  A refresh of the feature set would make more sense than the full replacement of a pro-level camera that’s 2 years into its product cycle.

Nikon D3s anyone?

[via Photo Rumors]

Nikon 70-200mm VR – New Version Coming

I’ve seen two different sources indicate the coming of an updated Nikon 70-200mm VR lens at Photokina. Nikon Rumors published a story yesterday regarding word from a Nikon VP. Additionally, I recently read a quote from Graham Watson (renowned Tour de France photographer and Nikon shooter) as he spoke in a matter of fact way that a replacement 70-200mm lens was coming from Nikon.

The 70-200mm will be replaced in September by a newer version, the ‘N’ series – I can’t wait to get hold of one!

(GW via NR)