What If You Sent Your Nikon D600 in for Cleaning and Got a Nikon D610 Back in the Mail for Free?

Nikon D610

Nikon has yet to admit any defect with the D600 despite a plethora of reports concerning a defective shutter mechanism. Even when the D610 was announced (way too early as a proper replacement for the D600), Nikon made no mention of the shutter defect. However, Nikon highlighted a new, improved shutter as a feature of the D610.

Now, it appears that some Nikon D600 owners who send their cameras in for cleaning are getting brand new Nikon D610 cameras back with little or no cost to the user. (Update: Nikon later confirmed that all service inquiries are handled on a case-by-case basis, but provided no direct response to the D610 and D600 shutter mechanism debacle. See official statement below.) [Read more…]


Reader Question: Repairing the Canon AE-1

Photography Bay reader, Rick, sent in a question that I thought I would pitch to the community here. Essentially, Rick has a couple of Canon AE-1’s that are in need of professional repair. For those of you who cut your teeth in the digital realm, the Canon AE-1 is a film-based, manual focus SLR. They are still quite widely available in decent used condition.

Does anyone have a recommendation for where he can send these camera’s for some affordable repair work at a reputable shop?

Fire away with your answers in the comments below.