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Red Giant Plural Eyes 3.5

Along with the updated Magic Bullet Looks, Red Giant has also announced an update to PluralEyes audio/video sync software with version 3.5. The new version improves support for AVHCD, including spanned clips. And now, PluralEyes’ Replace Audio feature supports many more media types than before. [click to continue…]


Magic Bullet Looks 2.5

Red Giant has unveiled Magic Bullet Looks version 2.5. It will be a free update for current users and adds new color correction tools, better previewing of presets and gets a speed boost thanks to GPU Acceleration. [click to continue…]


After a tease last week, Red Giant has taken the wraps off of Universe and launched a public beta of the new community centered around editing and filmmaking plug-ins and tools. [click to continue…]


Red Giant Universe

Red Giant, maker of Magic Bullet Looks and other popular video plug-ins, released a teaser video today for Red Giant Universe. The end of the video teases a URL to, which currently shows only a sign-up form and social media links. [click to continue…]



Ryan Connolly of Film Riot was planning on shooting a big-budget short film project, Outsiders; however, funding fell through at the last minute. Instead of hanging his head and complaining about it, he, along with his crew and actors, shot a low budget short with the equipment and personnel they had on hand.

Ryan worked with Seth Worley, who wrote and directed Plot Device, to craft the story for Proximity over a few days, which ended up as a 10-page script. They then shot the film on a Canon C500. Post-production was done with Adobe Creative Cloud, Pro Tools and Red Giant plug-ins.

Check out the 10-minute short below. [click to continue…]

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PluralEyes 3

Red Giant has updated PluralEyes to version 3.3. The new version adds a Smart Start feature that automatically organizes footage and allows you to drop entire folders full of audio and video clips inside of PluralEyes and the software creates bins containing the relevant footage and audio. [click to continue…]

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