Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM AF Problem – Product Advisory

Canon EF 40mm STM

Canon issued a product advisory for the new EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens.  The AF may stop working when enough pressure is applied to the lens barrel while attached to a camera.

The current fix is to remove the lens and reattach it.  A firmware update should be available soon to fix the problem altogether.

I haven’t experienced this problem yet.

You can read the full product advisory below. [Read more…]

Canon Rebel T4i Recalled for Defective Grips

Canon Rebel T4i

As an update to the Canon Rebel T4i service notice last month, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall for certain serial numbers of the Canon Rebel T4i.  Also note that Canon has just issued an update to its previous service notice for additional serial numbers that were not initially reported as affected units. [Read more…]

Canon Rebel T4i Product Advisory Warns of Defective Rubber Grips

Rebel T4i Rubber Grip Defect

Earlier this month, Canon issued a product advisory on the Rebel T4i for an error in the firmware.  Two days after the issuance of that advisory, Canon issued another product advisory for the Rebel T4i with regard to the presence of zinc bis in the rubber grip.

In short, this substance may cause the rubber grips to turn white and could potentially lead to skin allergies or irritation.  The lot affected can be identified by looking at the serial number.  If the sixth digit is “1” then your camera could be affected.

Specific details in the full product advisory below. [Read more…]

Nikon D5000 Recall – First Hand Report [Featured Reader Comment]

Nikon D5000

Photography Bay reader, John, is a Nikon D5000 owner who had a unit affected by the official Nikon D5000 recall.  John took the time to put together a thorough account of his experience with the recall process into a comment here on Photography Bay.  I think his first hand report of his experience should be reassuring to those of you who own a D5000 or a looking to buy one. [Read more…]