Reader Photos – Sunday, August 15, 2010

Draper Mountains

It’s time for our weekly break from the gear for a few minutes so we can enjoy another round of reader photos from the Photography Bay Flickr Group.

One of the things that I really enjoy about these sifting through these photos every week is seeing all the different kinds of cameras that people use – from point and shoots, to iPhones, to DSLRs and medium format cameras. This all just goes to show that it’s really not about the camera. That lightning photo at the top from sumoetx? Shot with a compact Canon PowerShot A720 IS.

As much as we all love cameras, lenses and other gadgets, it’s not about the gear.

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Reader Photos Roundup – Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hogueras de San Juan 2010

Happy Fourth of July to everyone in the USA! I figured I would start this week’s reader photos roundup off with a bang with the above image from Flickr user and Photography Bay Group member, Alex Stoen.

For those of you putting on your own fireworks shows today, be careful. And, if you’re hoping to get some photos at a fireworks show tonight and you need a few pointers, check out this recent post on How to Photograph Fireworks . . . Even If You Don’t Have a Tripod.

Without further delay, here are the rest of this week’s reader photos from the Photography Bay’s Flickr Group. [Read more...]