Magic Lantern Hack Enables Raw Video on Canon 50D

Canon 50D

Just when we thought the Magic Lantern madness couldn’t get any crazier, they go and enable raw video capture on the 5-year-old Canon 50D. By taking advantage of the 50D’s ability to push out a video feed from the sensor for live view, the Magic Lantern crew dug further to apply what they’ve learned from recent 5D Mark III and 5D Mark II experiments to draw raw video out of the 50D. [Read more…]


Magic Lantern Update: 1080p Raw Video Works on 5D Mark III


The Magic Lantern crew just made a breakthrough of 24p raw video on the 5D Mark III. The earlier catch was that there was a limitation on the resolution that left the 5D Mark III raw video capture just short of the full 1080p mark.

Not so fast though…

Just hours after the initial revelation, Magic Lantern revealed that it’s possible to hit the holy grail of 14-bit raw video at 1920×1080 resolution and 24p with a 1000x CF card. [Read more…]

Magic Lantern Brings 14-bit RAW 2K Video to 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III

Luke Neumann shows 14 bit RAW Cinema DNG before (left) and after (right)

Luke Neumann shows 14 bit RAW Cinema DNG before (left) and after (right) (via Planet5D)

It is simply amazing what the Magic Lantern guys keep squeezing out of Canon’s DSLRs.

Now, they have managed to get 14-bit RAW DNG files captured without the mirror dropping or shutter closing between frames. This further paved the way for RAW video that is currently running at 10fps; however, they expect to reach 24fps based on the developments they have seen thus far.┬áThis could be huge for Canon 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III shooters. [Read more…]