Xume Quick Release Adapters Use Magnets to Mount Lens Filters

Xume Quick Release Adapter for Lens Filters

Xume Quick Release Adapters are designed to help you quickly swap or add filters to your lenses. The adapters use magnets to secure the lens filters onto the end of lenses.

In order to use the adapters, you simply screw one onto the lens and mount your filters on the filter holder. When you bring the mounted filter to the front of your lens, it will snap into place. Check out the video below for an overview. [Read more…]


Induro BHS-Series Ballheads

Induro BHS Ballheads

The Induro BHS-Series Ballheads are a new breed of affordable tripod heads with QR plates and built-in bubble levels.  The BHS0 supports 10.3 lbs.  The BHS1 supports 12.8 lbs.  And, the BHS2 supports up to 18.7 lbs.

The new ballheads range in price from $52 to $76 retail and are available from B&H Photo.

Induro Unveils New Tripods and Heads

Induro has announced several new tripods, heads and quick release plates.

The new PHT-Series 3-Way Panheads are magnesium alloy and feature folding hands for easy packing. All models offer special bearing inserts that allow for quasi-fluid movement.  Additional features include a built-in bubble level, dual locking quick release plate and a 5 year warranty.  The Induro PHT-Series 3-Way Panheads come in three sizes and range in price from $77 to $114.

Induro’s new tripods expands its Adventure Series with the Adventure AKP Series tripod kits.  There are 3 new models – the AKP0, AKP1 and AKP2.

The new AKP0 is a compact 4-leg-section tripod, while the AKP1 and AKP2 are heavier duty 3-leg-section tripods.  Each of the new models are magnesium alloy and feature quick lock legs.  Additionally, each tripod is packaged as a kit with an Induro 3-Way Panhead, and also come with a 5 year warranty.  The Induro Adventure AKP Series tripod kits range in price from $164 to $219.

Finally, Induro’s new QRT Series Quick Release Clamp is designed for monopods, tripods and other gear that does not already have a quick release system in place.  The new QRT clamps can be installed on any 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 thread.  The Induro QRT clamps will retail for $75.

You can find Induro products at B&H Photo.

More product images below. [Read more…]