Royal Family Joins Flickr

The Queen attends the Royal Windsor Horse Show in 1982

The Royal Family has opened a Flickr account.  It appears that Queen Elizabeth II and Yahoo have been working behind the scenes for some time putting this account together.

They’ve got a number of sets, which, at launch today, include over 600 total photos, ranging from the Victorian era to a couple of days ago.  Prince Harry also has his own collection that you can follow.  William too.

While many of the images are low-resolution and comments have been disabled, the British Monarchy account will allow Flickr users to use the “Share” tab by emailing or embedding photos on other sites (as I’ve done above with an image of the Queen from 1982).

The Queen already has a YouTube channel and Twitter account, so she had to be feeling a bit behind the times without a photo sharing account.

[Flickr via Yahoo News]