Game of Drones: DJI New Investments Could Value the Company at $10 Billion

DJI Phantom 3

DJI has singlehandedly launched the drone market into the stratosphere. The DJI Phantom is instantly recognizable and synonymous with the word “drone.” It is nearly a household name. Just last week, we saw one at the center of a sequence on Big Bang Theory.

Right now, you can order a DJI drone to be shipped to your door in a day or two at prices ranging from $350 for a base-model Phantom 1 to over $6000 for a DJI S1000 that can haul heavy-duty camera. And there are models at nearly every price point in between. There is much and more for everyone in DJI’s lineup. [Read more…]

3D Robotics Offers ‘Flyaway Guarantee’ on the New Solo Drone

3D Robotics SOLO Drone-10

One of the biggest complaints that I have heard about the DJI Phantom series of quadcopters has been random flyaways that some users experienced. I have covered these issues ad-nauseam here on Photography Bay and there is a nightmarish forum thread here with dozens of first-hand reports. It is a real problem and something that can quite simply kill a passion of flying drones for many users after they helplessly watch a $1,000+ kit flyaway.

When I talked to 3D Robotics about the flyaway concern at NAB 2015, I learned that the company essentially offers a flyaway guarantee for the new Solo. [Read more…]