Ghost Drone Let’s You Pilot a Phantom-sized Drone with a Smartphone

Ghost Drone

The Ghost Drone is an upcoming quadcopter that is built around smartphone operation and control and is the subject of a fully funded IndieGoGo campaign.

It looks a lot like the DJI Phantom in size, shape and load capacity. Instead of a complicated dual stick controller, however, the Ghost Drone is controlled completely by a smartphone app. [Read more…]

How to Prevent Flyaways with DJI Phantom Quadcopters

DJI Phantom

A couple of the more popular posts in recent months here on Photography Bay deal with reports and concerns about DJI Phantom users and their experience with flyaways. By “flyaway”, we are talking about when the user loses control of the DJI Phantom quadcopter and it is most often lost or heavily damaged as it heads off into an unanticipated direction. [Read more…]