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Seems Nikon’s BIG news may be out of the bag rather soon – say, October 22?  According to Zoom, Nikon has given notice of a press release for October 22, which will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. If true, I imagine we’ll be hearing more from other parts of the world soon.

Nikon’s product secrecy has a terrible track record lately and I wouldn’t be surprise to see this next product leak out in the next few days.

What do you think?  Is it the Nikon MX format?  Is it the Nikon D3x?  Is it something else?  Or are we all having our legs pulled?

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Nikon Rumors has received word from a reader that Nikon will be holding a press conference on September 3rd, which would add up to the pre-Photokina announcement that we’ve all been expecting.

Anyone else received an invite from Nikon?


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