PowerShot N

Canon PowerShot N Facebook

Alongside the PowerShot G16 and other PowerShot models introduced today, Canon unveiled a new PowerShot N model with a feature upgrade that allows you to share images from the camera directly to your Facebook account. [click to continue…]

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Canon PowerShot N Hands-On

by on January 14, 2013

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Canon PowerShot N

The Canon PowerShot N is definitely one of the most unique cameras released this year at CES 2013. While it offers common features found in modern point and shoot cameras (like a 12.MP sensor and an 8x optical zoom lens with image stabilization), the form-factor and control scheme of the PowerShot N puts it on an entirely different playing field than your typical pocket camera.

I had a chance to go hands-on with the new compact shooter at CES 2013 and learn a little more about how the camera works. [click to continue…]

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Canon PowerShot N LCD

The Canon PowerShot N is a new 12.1MP compact camera with a unique design. It has a a shutter and zoom ring on the top and bottom to aid with snapping images from a variety of angles. The PowerShot N also captures 1080p HD video and can wirelessly share images to iOS and Android devices via a Mobile Device Connect Button.

A new Creative Shot mode automatically applies ”a series of artistic elements by varying composition, lighting and color. Creative Shot will render five different variations of the shot in different color modes, crops, and styles, delivering creative new perspectives automatically while still maintaining the original image.”

The Canon PowerShot N should be available in April for $299.99. Check availability here at B&H Photo.

More details in the press release below.
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