Polaroid Bringing Back Red Pic-300 Instant Film Camera

Polaroid Pic-300

Polaroid is bringing back the red Pic-300 instant film camera for the holidays. The Polaroid 300 series has been a popular line of instant film cameras in recent years. According to Polaroid, the red version was in high-demand, and so they are bringing it back.

The Polaroid Pic-300 prints small, business card size photos and operates on AA batteries. The Pic-300 is available in blue, purple, black and now red for $69.99. Check them all out here at B&H Photo.

Polaroid iM1386 Android 4.0 Camera with Interchangeable Lenses Coming to CES 2013

Polaroid appears to be set to launch a new mirrorless camera at CES 2013, the iM1386, that will be powered by the Android operating system and bear a striking stylistic resemblance to the Nikon 1 J2. Leaked specifications point to an 18.1MP sensor, Android 4 OS, a 3.5″ touchscreen LCD and built-in WiFi. [Read more...]

Impossible Instant Lab Aims to Turn iPhone Images Into Instant Prints

Impossible Project iPhone Printer

Impossible Project has launched a Kickstarter campaign to build an instant Polaroid printer for your iPhone that prints images directly from your iPhone’s screen.

The design is rather straightforward.  Pull up an image on your iPhone.  Place the iPhone face down on the Impossible Instant Lab and press the shutter button on the Instant Lab.  Then, your print ejects from the Instant Lab.

Check out the overview in the Kickstarter project video below.  [Read more...]

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Z2300

The Polaroid Z2300 is a new instant digital cameras that spits out 2″ x 3″ prints directly from the camera using Polaroid’s ZINK paper.  The Z2300 features a 10MP sensor and a 3-inch LCD.

Frankly, I find these Polaroid cameras and printers a lot of fun – even if they do get a little pricey on the printing side of things.  I’ve used the Polaroid GL10 printer quite a bit and really like it for fun projects.  As a casual camera, the Z2300 looks like it could strike the right chords.

Even the paper has come down in price with 50 packs at $24.99 and 30 packs at $14.99.  The camera itself retails for $159.99 and is expected to ship August 15, 2012.  Check availability in the Polaroid store and B&H Photo.

More details in the press release below. [Read more...]

Polaroid SC1630 Hands-On

Polaroid SC1630

The Polaroid SC1630 is a new Android-based camera that was unveiled at CES 2012.  I had a chance to check it out up close and get a little taste of its performance.

I found it more than a little ironic that Polaroid would produce a camera that looks and feels like a phone while other manufacturers are fighting to differentiate the point and shoot camera from smart phones.

Polaroid SC1630

Even more intriguing is the fact that the Polaroid SC1630 offers a SIM-card slot, along with a speaker and mic that make it possible to use it as a phone. [Read more...]