Topaz 30% Off Deal Ends Sunday, April 21

Topaz BW Effects

Topaz Labs launched a 30% off deal when it released it B&W Effects 2.1 update earlier this month. The deal is good for either the B&W Effects 2 plug-in or the complete Topaz Labs bundle of plugins. This deal expires this coming Sunday, April 21, 2013.

Use the coupon code bw21 to get 30% off Topaz B&W Effects 2 or the complete bundle on Topaz Labs’ website.

FxFactory PRO v4 Video Effects Plug-in Review

FxFactory PRO v4

FxFactory PRO v4 is a plug-in for popular NLE editors like Final Cut Pro X, FCP 7 and Premiere Pro CS6. I have been using FxFactory PRO v4 for a few months now in both FCP X and Premier Pro CS6. While it also works in After Effects and Motion, my use has been limited to NLEs.

FxFactory PRO v4 uses the FxFactory plug-in manager for installation and updates. I have used several plug-ins with FxFactory and find it to be one of the easiest installation processes to use with NLE plug-ins. [Read more…]