Pictureline Giving Away a Nikon D5100

Nikon D5100

Just a quick heads up to point you in the direction of the cool guys at Pictureline.  Those of you in Utah are likely familiar with the local camera shop, Pictureline, which also has an online presence here.

Anyway, they’re giving away a Nikon D5100 to a random Facebook follower as soon as they hit 5100 followers.  Get the details over on Pictureline’s blog.


Nikon Deals at Pictureline


Pictureline is a Utah-based photo retailer.  I’ve heard of them through the very active Utah photography crowd (e.g., Rich Legg, Nicolesy, Scott Jarvie, etc.), and I’ve heard nothing but good things.  These guys are all about Pictureline, and I’ll take them at their word.

The good news is that Pictureline also has a website where non-Utah-based photographers like you and me can order gear.  The better news is that I asked Pictureline if they had any deals running for Black Friday and they gave me a list of Nikon cameras and lenses that are currently on special. [Read more…]