Model Cameron Russell on the Power of Image

Cameron Russell

We hear so much noise in the media about fashion photography and the use (overuse?) of Photoshop. However, as model Cameron Russell notes in her TED talk below, there’s so much more than Photoshop that goes into the construction of fashion photography.

Beyond that though, Russell digs into the power of image and how it has affected her life and the lives others who don’t necessarily look like the typical runway model.

Check out the video below. [Read more…]


The Book of GIMP: A Complete Guide to Nearly Everything – New Book

The Book of GIMP

The Book of GIMP: A Complete Guide to Nearly Everything is a new book from Olivier Lecarme and Karine Delvare that guides users through the free Photoshop-alternative, GIMP.

The Book of GIMP begins with step-by-step tutorials that cover the most useful features of GIMP, like retouching photographs, creating illustrations, and website design. The second part of the book offers a comprehensive reference to nearly every aspect of the software, so that users can find what they need without hours of trial and error.”

The Book of GIMP retails for $49.95; however, it is currently available for $26.34 on

It is also available in a Kindle version for $25.02.

Photoshop 13.0.4 and 13.1.2 Update Fixes “Trial Screen” Error

Earlier this week, I tried to open Photoshop CS6 and received a message that I could continue with a free trial or put in my serial number. Even though I had been using Premiere Pro CS6 all day and they are both part of the same Creative Cloud subscription, Photoshop just wouldn’t open for me. After two hours of troubleshooting and a call to Adobe customer support, I was finally able to use Photoshop again.

As it turns out, this was a bug and an update is available to fix this problem for both Creative Cloud users and boxed-copy users with serial numbers. Details from Adobe on the update below. [Read more…]

Topaz Labs End of Year Sale: 40% Off All Plug-ins Ends Dec. 31

Topaz Labs’ big End of Year Sale ends on December 31. If you’ve been waiting for a good time to get one or all of Topaz Photoshop plug-ins, this is likely the best deal you’ll see for a long while.

Through Dec. 31, you can get 40% off any or all of Topaz Labs’ plug-ins, including the complete bundle.

Use the coupon code “topaz2012” to take advantage of the deal. Check it out here on Topaz Labs’ website.

Topaz Labs’ product lineup includes the following plugins: Adjust, DeNoise, ReMask, B&W Effects, Simplify, Detail, Lens Effects, Clean, InFocus and DeJPEG. All are available here on Topaz Labs’ website.

Adobe Lightroom 4.3 and Camera Raw 7.3 Now Available

Adobe has released final versions of Lightroom 4.3 and Camera Raw 7.3, which are now available on  The update adds HiDPI support within the Lightroom Library and Develop modules for the MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display and includes additional raw file format support for 20 new cameras.

Lightroom 4.3 and Camera Raw 7.3 offer RAW support for the following cameras: [Read more…]