Canon 1D X Hands-On

Canon 1D X

I spent a few hours at the Canon EOS & PIXMA event this evening.  The core of the event was promoting the new PIXMA PRO-1 and the fact that it was built in conjunction with the EOS camera system – to take full advantage of what these cameras are capable of.  Seeing several of the large prints from the PIXMA PRO-1, it’s clear that this new printer delivers on the quality.  The bigger attraction for me, however, was the fact that there were several Canon 1D X’s to put in my hands. [Read more...]

Canon Launching “Legends in Imaging” on October 26

Canon Legends in Imaging Invite

Canon’s recent teaser for an October 26 EOS/PIXMA event will include the launch of something called “Legends in Imaging.”  No specifics are know about this event, except that it will take place on the eve of the PhotoPlus trade show in New York – and that Canon likes the phrase “Exactly as you envisioned.”

What do you envision for this?