#TogTalk with ALM Photo: Working for Free, Pricing Your Photography & Muddy Cameras

In this video, I sit down with Allan and Lisa Mueller of ALM Photo to talk about their work (both free and paid). We also dig into to:

  • When, why and how much free work you should or shouldn’t take on
  • How to price your photography services
  • Mirrorless cameras in professional work
  • The desire for better low light performance in cameras

Here some links to help you connect with Allan, Lisa and ALM Photo:

Show Notes

Let me know what you think about this format and content in the comments. If you are sharing this on social media, use the hashtag #TogTalk so we can all join in on the conversation.


Watch What Happens When You Ask Non-Creative Professionals to Work for Free

Toronto advertising agency Zulu Alpha Kilo created this video to demonstrate how absurd it is for people to ask for the advertising industry to do spec work in hopes of getting more business. As described by AdWeek, “a guy approaches real men and women (not actors) in other businesses and asks them to provide him with a product or service for free, to see if he likes it before committing to more.”

While they are talking about advertising gigs, this 100% applies to other creative industries as well – including photographers. [Read more…]

2015 Camera & Photo Gear Gift Guide


Welcome to the 2015 edition of Photography Bay’s Photo Gear Holiday Gift Guide.

This guide is set up in categories that describe the general type of cameras and accessories – be it a price range or general features.  You can scan the headings until you find the right category for you and your special photographer. We’ve got 3-5 top picks for each category.

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Joel Meyerowitz: ‘What you put in the frame determines the photograph’

In this video from Phaidon Press, Taking My Time photographer Joel Meyerowitz discusses some deep concepts in his street photography about how he isn’t necessarily interested in photographing a singular thing but rather the relationship between things.

He also emphasizes the importance of the Leica rangefinder, which allows him to see both what’s in the frame in one eye and the context of the external world surrounding that frame.