ImageSpan’s Game Changer Digital Content Tracker Service for Photographers

Today, at the PDN PhotoPlus Expo, ImageSpan unveiled a new service, LicenseStream Creator Pro, that automatically scours the Web, 24/7, 365 and lets photographers know where (and how) their digital content is being used PLUS it provides several options to accelerate converting non-paying content users into paying customers.

Based on the number of announcements that have happened in this arena over the last few months (i.e. Flickr/Getty and Photrade), it is pretty clear that the market for addressing the needs of digital content creators is quite hot.

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Father Called ‘Pervert’ For Photographing His Kids

Gary Crutchley took his kids to the park. They were sliding down an inflatable slide and he decided to take a few pictures as reminders of a fun family outing. But a woman standing in line demanded that he stop taking pictures because her children were on the slide. Another adult accused him of taking pictures of children to post to the internet.

Crutchley had only taken pictures of his own children. He found two policemen that confirmed to the crowd he had done nothing wrong.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Crutchley asked: “What is the world coming to when anybody seen with a camera is assumed to be doing things that they should not?”