Bride Drowns During Photoshoot in Wedding Dress

While posing for a photo shoot in her wedding dress near a river in Montreal, a woman slipped and fell into water about 1-foot deep.  The “wedding dress got soaked and became extremely heavy.  She started slipping and falling down when the photographer grabbed her but she was too heavy that he couldn’t pull her from the edge,” according to Quebec provincial police Sgt. Ronald McInnis. [Read more...]

Nikon: “A Photographer Is Only as Good as the Equipment He Uses” [Updated]

Nikon Facebook

A recent status update on Nikon’s Facebook page stated that “A photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses.”

I can appreciate the marketing push for your products over competitors, but limiting a photographer’s skill to the equipment he uses is a pretty dumb thing to say. [Read more...]

Chase Jarvis LIVE: Full Hour-Long PhotoPlus Keynote Now Online

Chase Jarvis PhotoPlus

This is one you don’t want to miss.

At PhotoPlus 2010, Chase Jarvis gave a killer keynote speech, which was followed up by a panel discussion with Vincent Laforet, Jasmine Star, Zack Arias, JoeyL and Rob Haggart.

If you missed out on the live stream, it’s embedded below. Grab a snack, and enjoy.

[via Chase Jarvis]

White House Photographer Live Q&A This Thursday

Open for Questions with Pete Souza

White House Chief Photographer, Pete Souza, will be doing a live Q&A session this Thursday, October 28 at 7PM ET.   He’ll be responding to questions asked over Flickr and Facebook.

Souza made some history last year by becoming the first photographer to capture a President’s official photo with a digital camera (a Canon 5D Mark II).

More details over at

TSA Anti-Terrorist Poster Depicts Photographer as Suspect

If you have read any photography websites this week, then you have probably seen this poster already. I first saw it over at Carlos Miller’s Photography is Not a Crime blog.

Somehow, the TSA has managed to take a general warning for everyone to “be on alert” and depict photographers who photograph planes as terrorist suspects.  Newsflash to TSA: planes are fun to photograph.  Ever hear of

Maybe you’ll be ok though if you don’t wear a hoodie.

CNA Introduces Tailored Insurance Coverages for Photographers and Videographers

CNA, a large commercial insurance writer, has introduced a line of insurance products that are specifically tailored to photographers and videographers, including errors and omissions coverage related to client dissatisfaction, events that can damage reputations and legal expenses.

Details on the coverages are slim at the moment on CNA’s website, and look to be custom designed coverage based on the individual photographer’s needs.  You can get an overview of the new line of products offered by CNA in their press release below.  If it’s something that interests you, your best bet would be picking up the phone and talking over the details with a CNA agent. [Read more...]

Fall Foliage Photo Tips Webinar

Bogen Fall Foliage Webinar

Bogen has another free webinar coming up soon.  On September 18, 2009 at 2-3 p.m. ET, Adam Barker and David Fisher will host a webinar and provide tips on how to shoot fall foliage.  As usual, Bogen also has some giveaways to those who attend the live webinar.  If you can’t make it though, you should still register so you can watch it later at your convenience.

You can register here.

More details in the news release below. [Read more...]