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SmugMug Design Sample

SmugMug has launched a complete site overhaul and, finally, makes it easy to make your site look great.

The overhaul includes the following major features: [click to continue…]

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Flickr Update

Flickr rolled out a bit update today that spiffed up the overall look, expanded the file storage to 1TB and killed the $25 Pro account in favor of a $50/year fee for no ads.  [click to continue…]

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Google+ Auto Highlight

Google is rolling out some major updates for Google+ this week. One of the big changes is the way your photos are handled on Google+.

The key new features in Google+ Photos are: [click to continue…]

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Adobe Revel

Adobe has updated its cloud photo album app, Revel, to version 1.5.  The new version adds the following features:

  • Albums to organize photos – Create an album on one device and it is automatically updated and accessible everywhere
  • Sharing albums on the Web – Share private albums with friends and family via
  • Captions – Add context to memories with text descriptions
  • An updated all new UI makes the app more intuitive and easier to navigate
  • Library grid view – Browse photos in track or grid view
  • Sign in with Facebook or Google IDs – Eliminate the hassle of remembering another password by logging in with a Facebook or Google ID and password

Adobe Revel operates on a subscription basis – either $5.99/month or $59.99/year.  With Revel, you can sync an unlimited number of images across your devices.  It is available via the Mac App Store (for Macs) and the iTunes App Store (for iPhone and iPad).

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Faceboook Camera

A wee bit over a month since Facebook announced its plans to acquire Instagram for a cool billion, Facebook has launched its own camera app for the iPhone.  The new camera is aptly called Facebook Camera.

On the plus side, it seems rather quick and offers access to Facebook photo feeds if you are interested in only checking out the latest images from your friends.  It also includes a set of filters that will remind you of Instagram filter effects.   [click to continue…]

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Instagram Facebook

The massively popular mobile photo sharing app, Instagram, is going to become a property of Facebook thanks to a pending billion dollar acquisition.  In a post on his Facebook wall, Mark Zuckerberg committed to maintaining Instagram as an app independent of Facebook. [click to continue…]

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