Philip Bloom Tests the Sony FS100, F3 and Panasonic AF100

Philip Bloom has put together a handy little real-world comparison of the latest “big-chip” camcorders.  If you’ve been wondering how this evolution from the HDSLR boom has been going, this is a pretty informative video that mixes in footage from the Sony FS100, Sony F3, Panasonic AF100 and the Canon 5D Mark II.

Check it out below. [Read more…]

Canon Shows Off 4K Camera and More at Canon EXPO 2010

Canon 4K Concept Camera - via Philip Bloom
Canon 4K Concept Camera – via Philip Bloom

At Canon EXPO 2010 in New York, Canon displayed a 4K concept camera, which Canon describes as “lightweight and compact, Multipurpose Camera that supports both video and still image capture with ultra-high definition 4K resolution and a newly developed CMOS sensor that enables video shooting at high frame rates in excess of 60 frames per second.”

The new Canon 60D, XF105 and XF100 camcorders and plenty other gadgets that have yet to be released were also on display at Canon EXPO 2010.

Philip Bloom has a nice little rundown of the the show floor here.  Also, get more details in Canon’s official press release below. [Read more…]