Canon Medium Format Rumors Still Churning

Canon Medium Format Rumors

A fews after the Canon/Phase One medium format rumors surfaced, we now have a gaggle of confirmations and denials about such a camera. One source noted that Canon was certainly going to make it happen and the Canon medium format move would get a very big announcement at Photokina 2014.

Nothing concrete has surfaced anywhere in the rumor mill. At this point, we are still waiting for something more solid to come along.

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Hands On: Phase One 645DF, P 65+ and P 40+

During a quick visit to the Digital Transitions store in NYC, I got to spend some personal hands on time with some of Phase One’s newest products in a studio environment. Being medium format, the images are really quite spectacular. On top of this, using the equipment was very simple to do but is very much different from using traditional DSLR cameras. The experience is something that photographers would truly love.

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PhaseOne Announces P 65+

Phase One has announce a new camera system, the P 65+. The P 65+ is the first camera system to make use of the Sensor+ CCD technology Phase One has been working on in partnership with DALSA Semiconductor. Sensor+ technology offers a number of improvements:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Improved capture rates
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Scaleable pixel and file size

The P 65+ has the industry’s largest live capture area, as well as the highest resolution. The 65 in the name, after all, refers to the camera’s 65 megapixel sensor.

The P 65+ system is fully upgradeable and Phase One is working hard to market it as the best option for the professional photographer. They are expected to begin shipping before the end of the year, but Phase One is accepting advance hours now.