Game of Drones: DJI New Investments Could Value the Company at $10 Billion

DJI Phantom 3

DJI has singlehandedly launched the drone market into the stratosphere. The DJI Phantom is instantly recognizable and synonymous with the word “drone.” It is nearly a household name. Just last week, we saw one at the center of a sequence on Big Bang Theory.

Right now, you can order a DJI drone to be shipped to your door in a day or two at prices ranging from $350 for a base-model Phantom 1 to over $6000 for a DJI S1000 that can haul heavy-duty camera. And there are models at nearly every price point in between. There is much and more for everyone in DJI’s lineup. [Read more…]

Fixing the DJI Phantom’s Failure to Connect to Transmitter Problem

DJI Phantom with GoPro Mount

The DJI Phantom can be a blast to fly and you can get some great aerial photos and footage. However, setup and configuration can be intimidating for those new to radio controlled systems.

One problem I recently encountered with a DJI Phantom ver. 1.1.1 was the repeated flashing yellow lights on a brand new unit. Supposedly, these ship from the factory with the transmitter and onboard receiver already bound together and you should be able to pull it out of the box, go through rest of the setup processes and start flying. [Read more…]