Canon See Impossible Parody is Perfect

Canon See Impossible Parody Close

Canon is constantly criticized for playing it safe in their product development and marketing. As I noted when the See Impossible teaser was posted, it contained some very bold statements:

The message is uncharacteristically bold for Canon announcements. Sure, there is some puffery in the standard Canon press releases and Canon generally thinks its crap doesn’t stink, but this is a few steps above all that.

And then came the big reveal, which turned out to be a marketing message. The comments went downhill from there. So… [Read more…]

‘The Google Glass Photographer’ Parody Video Shows Just How Ridiculous Serious Photography Can Be With Google Glass

The Google Glass Photographer

What would it be like if you took Google Glass on a serious photography outing?

Macro shots? Timelapse? Weddings? Fashion?

We get answers these questions in the new parody video, ‘The Google Glass Photographer”. Check out this comical take on Google Glass below.

iPhone 5 Ad Parody: Snarky Jab at Social Food Photos

Check out this iPhone 5 ad parody from Adam Sacks.  In it, a rebranded Canon DSLR takes the place of the upcoming iPhone 5, which will apparently only be used for taking photos of food and sharing those on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

iPhone 5

Siri will even recognize the food your snapping photos of and suggest witty captions to go along with your Facebook and Twitter posts.

[via PetaPixel]