Even though Apple only officially supports (and offers for sale) up to 64GB RAM in the new Mac Pro, it hasn’t stopped third parties from developing, testing and certifying new RAM kits up to 128GB for it. [click to continue…]


OWC Thunderbolt at CES 2014-16

With the Thunderbolt I/O platform in full swing on the Mac and growing in the PC, the availability of Thunderbolt peripherals is growing rapidly. OWC was at CES 2014 showcasing several of its new Thunderbolt drives and PCIe card chassis. [click to continue…]

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OWC Aura Pro

OWC has a new 480GB SSD drive that serves as an internal hard drive upgrade for the MacBook Pro Retina. The Aura Pro is available as a single replacement drive or with the Envoy Pro kit that features an enclosure with USB 3.0 connectivity for putting the original drive that you’re replacing and using it as an external drive.

Check out the overview video from CES 2013 below.

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