Samsung NX5 Announced in Germany, Samsung USA Still Silent

Last week, Samsung Germany published a press announcement for the new NX5, which appears to be a lower-end version of the NX10. I inquired with my PR contacts from Samsung USA about the new NX5’s launch in Germany and was told that they have no info with regard to the NX5’s availability in the US market.  So, this may be a Germany- or Europe-only sort of thing.

Unfortunately, the official word from Samsung Germany offers little detail about the new NX5, confirming only that it has a 3″ TFT screen in place of the AMOLED screen on the NX10.  As you can see from the official product images provided by Samsung Germany, the NX5 appears to offer the same 14.6MP APS-C sensor found in the NX10.  Likewise the body and control scheme appears to be identical to the NX10. [Read more…]