Samsung NX20, NX210 and NX1000 Announced

Samsung NX1000

Samsung has announced a trio of new mirrorless cameras with built-in Wi-Fi – the NX20, NX210 and NX1000.  All three new cameras feature a APS-C format, 20.3MP CMOS image sensor and the ability to capture 1080p HD video.

The Samsung NX20 follows the NX10 as the more traditional-styled camera, while the NX210 and NX1000 offer a more compact take on the mirrorless system camera design.

The NX20 retails for $1099 with an included 18-55mm kit lens.  Check availability at B&H Photo.

The NX210 retails for $899 with an included 18-55mm kit lens.  Check availability at B&H Photo.

The NX1000 retails for $699 with an included 20-50mm kit lens.  Check availability at B&H Photo.

More details in the press release below. [Read more…]


Samsung NX20 and NX200 Coming Soon…

The Samsung NX10, which was supposed to be the start of Samsung’s plan to dominate the mirrorless camera market, was an ok camera.  The updates to the NX system have been sparse – with the NX100 and its iFunction lenses adding a bit of “compact” option for mirrorless camera shoppers.  And the iFunction was a surprisingly enjoyable feature to use.

Then the Samsung NX11 was announced.  Then it was quietly delayed.  Now, the US will only get a very limited release (if any).  And, frankly, that’s just fine because the camera sat in an awkward not-a-real-upgrade category.

Instead of the NX11, it looks like the NX20 and NX200 will be released this Summer as proper replacements to the NX10 and NX100.  According the the leaky rumor mill, they will feature sensors with even higher resolutions than the existing NX models’ 14.6MP sensors.

If Samsung wants to grab half of the mirrorless camera market, the NX20 and NX200 had better be pretty darn special because Panasonic, Sony and Olympus are off to a much stronger start…

[h/t Photo Rumors & 1001NC]