Rode VideoMic HD Brings Serious Audio to HDSLRs

Rode VideoMic HD

The thing about shooting video with HDSLRs is the necessity of using a dual system for audio.  I’ve tried several mics that plug-in to the 5D’s mic port and there are many good ones; however, none replace the quality you get from an external recorder and a shotgun mic (my favorite being the Rode NTG-3).

Even if you’re rolling with something small like a Zoom H4n, you need a couple of mounting points for the recorder and mic, which needs to be in a shock mount to avoid noise from camera handling or cords tapping against your gear.  Now, that simple little HDSLR run-and-gun kit looks like your TV’s cable box vomited on top of your camera.  And, you’d better not forget to hit record twice (camera and H4n) before you call ‘action’ (*raises hand). [Read more…]


HDSLR Audio and Shotgun Mic Shootout

For those of you interested in the HDSLR scene, there’s a new post over at Tech Tilt covering HDSLR audio setups, along with a discussion of the below video that compares multiple mics and audio sources.

Audio sources covered in the video are listed below.

Canon 5D Mark II + Rode NTG-2

Canon 7D On-Camera Audio

Rode NTG-3 + PreSonus FireStudio

Audio Technica AT8015 + PreSonus FireStudio

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