Is the Apple Store Blackballing Competitive Adobe Software?

I was in the Apple Store a few days ago and wanted to try out After Effects on the new Core i7 MacBook Pro; however, it was nowhere to be found.  I was almost certain that I’ve used After Effects on Macs in the Apple store before – but it wasn’t on a single computer there.

It turns out though, that there are a number of professional Adobe software applications that are entirely absent from the Apple Store – either as demos on the display Macs or as boxed software available for purchase. [Read more…]


PluralEyes Review

This is for all of you guys out there trying your hand at working with DSLR video.

If you’ve tried working with multiple video and audio tracks in a non-linear editor, then you know what a challenge that it can be to sync up the audio wave forms among different tracks.  It’s not necessarily hard to do manually, but it can be tedious and time consuming when you start piling on cameras and audio-recording sources.

Enter Singular Software’s PluralEyes.

Read the full review over at Tech Tilt: PluralEyes Review: Magic Sauce for Syncing Multi-Cam and Multi-Source Audio