Nikon D700 to Stay in Current Line-Up

Nikon D700

Those lamenting over the high resolution of the new Nikon D800 may be pleased to know that Nikon will continue to manufacturer the D700 “for the foreseeable future.”

There is no doubt to the popularity and solid performance of the Nikon D700, so this doesn’t necessarily come as a big shocker.  The continued flux of the D700’s availability proves that there’s still a pretty big demand for this camera.

No word on what kind of price decreases we might see though.  It’d be nice to see the D700 work its way into the sub-$2000 price range in the next few months.  (Although that’s mostly wishful thinking – given its current $2700 price tag.)  I think that would make it an easier reach for a lot of folks who have been holding off or saving their pennies to grab one.

[via Rob Galbraith]

Nikon D800 Outed, Official Announcement Later Tonight

Nikon D800

[UPDATE: Official D800 announcement here. Available for pre-order at B&H here.]

Well, the Nikon D800 appears to no longer be a rumor. A Brazilian site, Ztop, has published an article with official images and specifications for the camera.

Sure enough, the D800 sports a full frame 36.3MP CMOS image sensor, as well as other specs noted below. [Read more...]

What Manufacturers Really Do at CES…

Canon and Nikon

I was culling through some CES 2012 photos this week and came across this photo that I forgot I had taken of a Canon employee walking around taking photos of the Nikon booth.

You actually see this all the time at CES and other trade shows. A lot of employees know each other personally and will catch up a bit. However, they also walk around and check out each others new wares up close.