Nikon D3X at 24.4 Megapixels

Apparently, the latest firmware update for the Nikon D3 is the source of leaked info on the 24.4 Megapixel Nikon D3X, which has been rumored for some time. Perhaps we will see the Nikon D3X at Photokina 2008.  According to a forum poster at DPReview, the following was found:

The following strings are in the D3′s B-firmware file v1.10, starting at offet 3’614’640:

6048×4032 24.4 M
4544×3024 13.7 M
3024×2016 6.1 M
5056×4032 20.4 M
3792×3024 11.5 M
2528×2016 5.1 M
3968×2640 10.5 M
2976×1976 5.9 M
1984×1320 2.6 M

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Nikon D60 Review

Nikon introduced entry-level D60, a follow up to the D40x, in January 2008 at PMA.  The 10.2 megapixel Nikon D60 then became the third entry-level DSLR that Nikon has brought to the market in just over a one year period.  This is a stark change in the market life of DSLRs over the past several years.  Generally speaking, camera makers have introduced replacements in their various lines approximately every 18 months.  However, Nikon has seen great success in the entry-level DSLR market since the introduction of the 6 megapixel D40 at the end of 2006, which was followed by the 10.2 megapixel D40x in Spring 2007.

The Nikon D60 is really more of an evolution of the D40/D40x line than a revolutionary update.  Slated toward the entry-level market, the Nikon D60 brings some powerful and exciting features to the table that give entry-level users plenty of room to grow with the camera. [Read more...]

Heads Up Nikon D3 Users: Image Authentication and Buffer Clearance

Nikon LogoA quick heads up to those shooting with the Nikon D3, (this presumably effects the other Nikons too?)…If you are shooting with Image Authentication turned on, the buffer clearance times are increased. With my Extreme IV card it took an extra 10 seconds to dump a full buffer to the card.

Despite it being mentioned in one spot in the manual (but not in the image authentication section) most people I have talked to were unaware of this and as it could mean missing shots (especially for sports shooters) it is worth spreading the word.

This post on Nikon D3 Image Authentication and Buffer Clearance Issues is by UK based photographer and Nikon D3 shooter Richard Costin.

Nikon D60 Review at DP Review

DP Review has posted a review of the new Nikon D60:

There’s a few nice new features, and bundling the new ‘VR’ (stabilized) version of the kit lens is a smart move that makes the whole package a lot more appealing, but it’s fair to say that the D60 is a subtle upgrade rather than a wholescale reinvention of Nikon’s entry-level best-seller.

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Nikon D60 Now Shipping from has the Nikon D60 in stock and ready to ship.  It’s available in a kit setup with the new 18-55mm VR lens for just under $750.  You can also get the D60 in body-only for $630.  Finally, it’s available in a two-lens kit with the 18-55mm VR and 55-200mm VR lenses for under a grand.

Get the latest news and reviews for this new DSLR on Photography Bay’s Nikon D60 page.  I’ll share my personal thoughts on the D60 after mine arrives next week!

Nikon D3 Review at Digital Camera Review

Digital Camera Review has posted a review of the Nikon D3.

Unparalleled ISO performance, a 9 fps full resolution shooting rate, exceptional color and image quality, a superb monitor, robust construction, outstanding build quality and a full frame sensor offering wide angle and depth of field lens performance like a 35mm film camera are some of the attributes that makes Nikon’s latest pro model a must-have for serious Nikon shooters. 

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Nikon D60 Review at Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews has posted a full review of the Nikon D60.

Pictures from the D60 impress, with a lovely smooth tonality and crisp punchy colours. Contrast is generally good, while the Active D-Lighting quickly takes care of those that need a little help to achieve their best. Exposures are generally good, though occasionally the camera underexposes by a quarter to half a stop, especially if there’s a lot of brightness in the image such as a bright sky.

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