Nikon VP650

Nikon VP650 is rumored to be a code name for a new Nikon camera that features a built-in projector.  A tipster sent Nikon Rumors some details on the new shooter from the new issue of Chasseur d’image (a French magazine that has a history of getting the scoop on new products):

In their august issue, they’re talking with A LOT of confidence (as if it was a sure thing) of a new Nikon product with the code name Nikon VP650 that should be announced in August and shipped in September. This camera would be a compact camera with a LED projector that could project up to 8×12 images in good quality in the dark.

While I can see an interesting social spin that this could generate in the digital imaging world, it also seems a little gimmicky if this rumor is to be believed.  This report of the gadget’s functionality just makes it seem like something is missing (e.g., additional features, implementation, etc.).  I suppose we will know soon enough though, as Nikon is rumored another press event set for August 4.

[via Nikon Rumors]