Nikon MX Format

I’m starting to get a bad feeling regarding the credibility of this series of “leaks“.  This third “ad” appearing on Nikon Rumors seems to be some edited photos of existing PC lenses (see comments on NR’s post for evidence).  If that’s the case, then this whole series appears to be busted.

Now, let’s go back to the drawing board on Nikon MX and the BIG news.

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Nikon MX Format Lenses

by on September 16, 2008

in Nikon,Rumors

Nikon Rumors just got a huge scoop of info, which if it turns out to be legit, means for a “big” shake-up for Photokina. Here’s a list of “confirmed” Nikon MX format lenses:

  • AF-S MX Nikkor 24 f4.0G
  • AF-S MX Nikkor 45 f2.8G
  • AF-S MX NIkkor 85 f2.8G
  • AF-S MX Nikkor 135 f2.0G ED
  • AF-S MX Nikkor 200 F2.8G ED
  • AF-S MX Nikkor 65-180 f2.8G ED IF

[via NR]

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