nikon festival

Nikon just announced the winners of the Nikon Festival contest, which was searching for the best short film in an effort to promote new Nikon DSLRs with D-Movie functionality.

You can see the winning video above, “Chick vs. Penguin,” and check out more details about the winner Marko Slavnic, as well as word on the fan favorite award and more in the press release below. [click to continue…]

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Here’s a cool contest with some really cool folks involved.

Nikon is giving away $100,000 for a 140 second video about your day.  The theme is “A Day through Your Lens.”  The above video is Rainn Wilson’s hilarious take on the concept.

Of course, Nikon is promoting the capabilities of its D-Movie function on several of its DSLRs like the D300s, D3s, D5000 and D90; however, the contest is open to anyone shooting with any kind of gear.  Kudos to Nikon on that.

The winner will be chosen by pioneering photographer and filmmaker Chase Jarvis actor Rainn Wilson from NBC’s The Office, internet queen and actress “iJustine” Ezarik.  Chase seems pretty stoked about this.

You can enter at

Check out the press release below for full details. [click to continue…]

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