Nikon D90 Review at Camcorder Info

Camcorder Info has published a review of the Nikon D90, with a focus directed toward the camera’s video capabilities.

Despite its problems, plenty of people will enjoy capturing video with the Nikon D90. Its 24 fps frame rate produces a slow, dreamy image that can be very attractive. Colors generally looked outstanding.

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Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D90: Accessorized for Video

It was only a matter of time until some industrious company stepped in and filled this niche.  Redrock Micro “Redrock Micro designs and sells a line of high quality cinema accessories for independent filmmakers, film educators and students, and budget-conscious moviemakers” and has just upped the ante for the mainstay of DSLR accessory makers that have been resting on their fat laurels.

The above contraption is a video platform designed to the specs and functionalities of our two video-capable DSLRs, the Canon 5D Mark II and the Nikon D90.  So, what’s it do?

Redrock accessories for video DSLRs transform video DSLRs into production-ready cinema solutions by providing:

  • Rock-solid 15mm support system
  • Follow focus for accurate and repeatable focusing
  • Swing-away mattebox for light management and easy access to changing lenses
  • Shoulder mount and handgrips for steady handheld use
  • Support cage for enhanced stability and low angle shot

[via Redrock Micro]

Nikon D90 Review at Digital Camera Info

Digital Camera Info has published a review of the Nikon D90.

Setting video aside, though, there’s an awful lot to like about this camera, from its fast burst mode to its fine low-light performance for flash-free photos and a Live View mode that’s still not perfect, but does prove comfortable and convenient in certain shooting situations.

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Nikon D90 Reviews at PhotographyBLOG and DP Review

PhotographyBLOG and DP Review have published reviews of the Nikon D90.

PhotographyBLOG – The Nikon D90 is a difficult camera to rate. When viewed as a ‘traditional’ SLR, it is simply an excellent camera that I very much enjoyed using. All the frequently used functions have direct controls assigned to them, be it aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed, file quality, drive mode, AF mode, AE Lock – you name it.

DP Review – We described the D80 as a photographer’s camera and, despite the addition of video, the D90 appears to share that same ethos. On a purely specification level, it’s a highly competitive piece of kit, but it’s the way the features have been chosen and put together that make it the camera that it is.

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Nikon D90 Review at Luminous Landscape

Luminous Landscape has posted a review of the Nikon D90 – primarily with regard to its video capabilities.

This is clearly a first generation product. Nikon saw an opportunity to add video capability to the DSLR and did so in a simple manner with little intention of creating a new type of hybrid camera. The D90 is a stills camera (and a very good one) at a very reasonable price, that happens to also shoot moderate quality video.

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