Zacuto’s Great Camera Shootout

Zacuto has been in the photography new headlines several times since the announcement of their accessories for the Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D90, which are specifically geared and the video capabilities of these cameras. (See this post for more.)

Now, Zacuto has put together a shootout of a number of video cameras, including the Canon 5D Mark II and the Nikon D90. Check out the video and the press release below.

Zacuto’s Great Camera Shootout ’08 from Steve Weiss, Zacuto USA on Vimeo.

Chicago, IL – DECEMBER 12, 2008 – When DP Joe Stunzi came to Chicago to test all of the new HD cameras on the market against each other, he initially had hopes of making a short video using the new Canon 5D Mark II. However, Zacuto’s Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn & Scott Lynch decided that another 5D MKII fluff piece is not what was needed. “We needed to see the 5DMKII in relation to other cameras”, says Steve Weiss. So the “Great Camera Shootout of ’08″ was born. In this video you will hear Joe, Steve, Jens & Scott discuss what they liked and disliked about each of the HD cameras and DOF adapters. “This test is really for independent filmmakers and web cinematographers who are creating content with the look and feel of a 35mm motion picture.” In this video you will see a same shot comparison of: 35mm motion picture, RED, EX3, HVX200, HPX170, HPX3000, Sony EX3, Nikon D90, Canon 5D Mark II, Letus35 Ultimate and Elite DOF adapters, RedRock Micro and more. Follow a discussion by four filmmakers ranging in age from 18-46. They discuss what’s best. You won’t believe the conclusions. Read Specifications of Shoot at and watch the video at

Nikon D90 Review at Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews has posted a review of the Nikon D90.

It has the creative versatility, performance and quality to appeal to semi-professionals and advanced hobbyists, while the scene modes, live view and the video mode will appeal to gadget lovers and the more casual user who wants a good all-rounder.

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Zacuto Joins Pro Video Scene for Nikon D90 and Canon 5D Mark II

Zacuto is another (remember Redrock?) video accessory maker that has joined the trend of pimping out your DSLR for video use.  By the way, did you see the latest Canon videos?  The Reverie video is back, as well as a wedding video – both with the 5D Mark II.

Zacuto has got kits designed specifically for the new Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D90.  Don’t expect them to go for the price of a nice tripod though (no prices listed yet for the DSLR mounts).  One of the other base model kits, the DOF Docu Baseplate Kit, goes for a meager $1216.  Granted, that may be a bargain in video world, but pulling in traditional photographers at those prices may be a tough sell.

It’ll be interesting to see how well these accessories are received among photographers (or budding videographers).  What do you think?  Is there a Zacuto mount on your Christmas list now?

Nikon D90 Review at Camcorder Info

Camcorder Info has published a review of the Nikon D90, with a focus directed toward the camera’s video capabilities.

Despite its problems, plenty of people will enjoy capturing video with the Nikon D90. Its 24 fps frame rate produces a slow, dreamy image that can be very attractive. Colors generally looked outstanding.

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Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D90: Accessorized for Video

It was only a matter of time until some industrious company stepped in and filled this niche.  Redrock Micro “Redrock Micro designs and sells a line of high quality cinema accessories for independent filmmakers, film educators and students, and budget-conscious moviemakers” and has just upped the ante for the mainstay of DSLR accessory makers that have been resting on their fat laurels.

The above contraption is a video platform designed to the specs and functionalities of our two video-capable DSLRs, the Canon 5D Mark II and the Nikon D90.  So, what’s it do?

Redrock accessories for video DSLRs transform video DSLRs into production-ready cinema solutions by providing:

  • Rock-solid 15mm support system
  • Follow focus for accurate and repeatable focusing
  • Swing-away mattebox for light management and easy access to changing lenses
  • Shoulder mount and handgrips for steady handheld use
  • Support cage for enhanced stability and low angle shot

[via Redrock Micro]