Canon 1D Mark IV, Nikon D700x, Sony A850 and More Rumor Updates

I received a tip that the September 2009 edition of Résponse Photo, a popular French magazine, that the Canon 1D Mark IV would be announced on August 25.  That’s Tuesday for those of you who don’t have your calendar handy.


I looked around the Interweb and couldn’t seem to find an online presence for Response Photo, other than the publisher’s site.  However, a poster on the Spanish forum Ojo Digital corroborates this tip and provides a little further insight as to what’s in the issue, including tips on the Nikon D700x or D800 and Sony’s new Alphas (via Google’s automated translation):

- A Nikon D700x (or D800) that should be the D3x what the D700 to the D3 (Sensor Sony 24 Mpx).
- One that replaces the Canon 1D Mk III … (anunciada el 25 de agosto) (announced on August 25)
- A Pentax entry-level …
- Three Sony models, two bodies twins who come to fill an empty space range today and a third that seeks to satisfy the fans who consider 24×36 expensive current models be announced on August 27 and will hit stores on September 15 . . . announce a complete test in the October issue.

Rumors of the Nikon D700x have been rattling around for a long time now (pretty much since the Nikon D3x was announced December 2008).  I’m skeptical that Nikon has such a camera planned this soon after the D700, but I’ve been wrong on these feelings before.

The Canon 1D Mark IV sounds plausible; however, that date is inconsistent with other rumors we’ve heard.

A replacement for the Pentax K2000 seems a little quick as well, but manufacturers seem to be shortening the product life cycle more and more.

The three Sony models sounds like the real deal though.  I think that the reference to the 24x36mm shooter is clearly the Sony A850, which has all but been announced.  The other two that fill a new slot in the lineup is likely the Sony A500 and A550.

Nikon D700x Rumor Update

Several tips and rumors have been flowing in over at Nikon Rumors concerning an update to the D700, which tipsters are calling the D700x.  This camera has been in the rumor mill since before the D3x was announced and many Nikonians have lusted after the thought of a D700-like camera body packed with a D3x-type sensor.

“I was at *** 2009 show earlier this year in ***, and was asking a staff member on the Nikon stand about the D700 replacement/upgrade. I was told whatever replaces it will be released in October/November 2009, but they would say no more than that.”

“My D300 is in for service at Nikon (bad aperture control module) and I asked the tech when a new dslr was being released and which one. He responded with the D700x this fall. A 24mp replacement for the D700.”

While such a camera might make sense when looking at the Nikon D700′s biggest competitor (Canon 5D Mark II), it doesn’t really fit into Nikon’s lineup very well.  As posited by Nikon Rumors, a Nikon D700x with a  12.3 megapixel sensor that also captures video and can do a few new tricks seems to be the most likely D700 replacement for this fall anyway.  As such, it would fit nicely with the all-but-official Nikon D300s, which we expect around the first of August.

[via Nikon Rumors]

Nikon D400 and D750 Speculation

Digital Rev has a new, suggestive article entitled The Nikon D400 & D750 Revealed or Just Viral Marketing?  While the title would lead you to believe that there’s been some kind of leak or specific promotion on the D400 and/or D750 (neither of which have been confirmed by Nikon), the post appears to simply be Digital Rev’s take on recent rumors, along with some fancy mockups and spec/wish list.

I’ve had several emails to this article, suggesting that it’s a leak of some sort.  Upon second glance, it seems to just be a racy title with no evidence of either of these cameras being revealed by Nikon, or evidence of viral marketing on behalf of Nikon.  In essence, it appears to simply be speculation.

We’re still waiting for something solid on the Nikon D400, Nikon D750 or Nikon D800.  Stay tuned.

Nikon D700x / D800 Rumor Update

PMA 2009 rumors sure are heating up, as we get more “reliable” rumors of a Nikon D700x / D800 release.  Presumably, this will be the rumored high-megapixel junior sibling to the D3x – in the same way the D700 relates to the D3.

Here’s one site’s purportedly reliable info on the new D700x / D800:

An extremely reliable source for RYC has confirmed a camera being field tested by Nikon to directly compete against the Canon 5D MKII. This camera will be announced at the PMA show this year.

[RYC via DPR forums]

Stay tuned for more on the Nikon D700x / D800 Rumors.