Nikon D700s Rumors

Nikon D700s

More tips from Southern Photo Technical Service on some Nikon rumors – this time the D700s is on the table.  Rather than the rumored D700x that we’ve heard so much about lately.

Nikon will release a D700s as upgraded version of the Nikon D700. This is the word we got last week and all Nikonians will like the new features at the same range price as D700.

Given that the Nikon D300s replaced the D300, the naming convention might make sense.  And even though the Nikon D700 is a stellar camera, many Nikon shooters have been begging for a more affordable 24-megapixel shooter (as opposed the the pricey Nikon D3x).  This sentiment will likely continue to grow now that Sony has the full frame, high resolution A850 at a $2000 price point.

[via Southern Photo Technical Service]