Nikon D5000 Recall

Several folks have emailed in regarding a Nikon D5000 recall.  It’s been a few weeks since the “recall” and we didn’t post an update when it came out.  Nikon refers to the occurrence as a “service advisory.”

While Nikon takes great measures to assure high quality in its imaging products, it has come to our attention that an electronic component related to power control in some Nikon D5000 digital SLR cameras does not meet factory specifications and may, in certain circumstances, prevent the camera from turning on, thus preventing operation of the camera.
Indications of this issue include:

1. The camera cannot be operated when the power switch is on, even with a fully-charged battery.
2. The camera cannot be operated with the EH-5a AC Adapter connected through the EP-5 Power Connector and the power switch on.

The solution:
Nikon has isolated the issues related to this and has effectively resolved them. Preparations have been made at a special Nikon repair facility to streamline the processes associated with the solution. Service related to this issue, including the cost of shipping affected D5000 cameras to Nikon, as well as their return to customers, will be free of charge. To further minimize customer inconvenience, Nikon will return serviced cameras to customers promptly, employing (whenever possible) transportation that limits transit time to two days.

There’s a way to check the serial number on your Nikon D5000 and get more details on this page.