More Nikon D3x Leaks

  • 24.5 megapixel 35.9x24mm sensor
  • 16-bit EXPEED engine
  • 5fps at full-resolution
  • 7fps at DX crop mode (viva DX!)
  • Dual Compact Flash slots (at 35MB/s)
  • MultiCAM 3500 autofocus w/51 points
  • 3″ LCD (922000 dots, 170 degrees)
  • Live View
  • Battery EN-EL4a (like D3)
  • 12ms startup
  • 41ms shutter release lag

[via Engadget]

We’ll have more details soon. For now, stay tuned to Photography Bay’s Nikon D3x page.

Nikon D3x Leak

Looks like someone posted the images of the Nikon D3x a little early.

Kudos to Nikon Rumors who picked up the images before they were removed, which apparently came shortly after NR’s post. Now you get this:

I suppose December 1 may be D-Day for Nikon after all.  Now, we just the to find out what the specs are…  Anyone?

Stay tuned to Photography Bay’s Nikon D3x coverage for the latest when the new camera drops.

Nikon D3x German Leak?

Could this be the next version of the Nikon D3 that popped up on the Nikon Germany website?  Here’s a closer look:

What’s a Nikon D3 2 folder doing just below the Nikon D3 and D300 folders?  A Nikon D3x, a different folder for the Nikon D3′s updated firmware, or just a spare folder for all the Nikon D3 stuff?

I dunno, but crunch time is closing in for the 24MP rumored camera.  See this Nikon D3x rumor for the last word on the topic.

Nikon Full-Frame and Big Megapixels by Christmas

There are a handful of forum posters that actually have access to inside information.  These elect few don’t tout their credentials.  No, they quietly state facts, which are proven by the later release of new camera models.

Yesterday, one of those forum posters spoke to the coming Nikon full frame pro body:

A high pixel count pro body in 135 format, about 45 days to go for more details. :-)

That’s it.  That’s all he needed to say.  Jeff-c is generally on the money with leaks, predictions or whatever you want to call it.

Additionally, he’s not the only one calling for a big December announcement from Nikon – see here and here.

Better pinch those pennies, because Santa Claus is coming to town and he’s bringing a Nikon D3x or D4 along with him.

Nikon D3x Rumors Continue

Yet another forum poster (this time AVForums) has claimed to have to goods on the much rumored Nikon D3x:

Went to dinner with Nikon this week.

The Nikon D3X is due in December 08.

Again, the 24MP number was tossed out there, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given that the D3x is expected to share the Sony A900′s sensor.  Also, this is the second time of late that we’ve seen the December ’08 time frame pop up.

If this is true, Nikon continues its terrible record of keeping product development news a secret . . . or maybe it’s all part of their plan?  The hype surround the past several Nikon DSLRs has been huge – and, generally speaking, Nikon delivered on the hype.

For past and present D3x rumors, keep your eyes on Photography Bay’s Nikon D3x Rumors page.

Nikon D3x Rumor Rekindled

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any rumblings about a D3x.  I was beginning to think those rumors had died off in favor of the Nikon MX format rumors.

Not so fast, says a Nikon USA’s PR department through what I’m sure is solid 3rd hand info at DPR forums…

  • 24.4 megapixels
  • 9 frames per second
  • Full frame w/ crop capabilities
  • $6499.99 USD
  • same body as D3
  • December announcement/release?

Thom Hogan added to the discussion:

And people wonder why Nikon offers a doubled buffer for the D3 ;~)

I will note, however, that several prior rumors from as old as last October said the D3x was 12 months away.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how merry Christmas turns out to be for all you Nikon shooters.

For past and present D3x rumors, keep your eyes on Photography Bay’s Nikon D3x Rumors page.

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Nikon D3x Concept Rendition

UPDATE: The Nikon D3x is now a real camera. You can read about it on Photography Bay’s Nikon D3x Reviews and Resources.

You can order the Nikon D3x at the following online stores:




Ritz Camera

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Camera World

Over the past several months we’ve really seen the Nikon D3 rumors heating up. While we know that they go back to 2003 or so, PMA really stirred the pot this year with the now infamous Jim Seaholm rumor.

I’m not reporting any further rumors today. In fact, it’s been rather quiet on the rumor mill this week. Hmm….does that mean something? ;)

I just wanted to pass along some impressive renditions of Norm Olsen’s Nikon D3x Concept. Norm originally posted these shots in the forums over at Someone actually suggested to Norm that these we’ll end up as the next “leaked” evidence for the D3. I contacted Norm to see if he would allow me to feature these concept renditions here. I thought it would be cool to feature these renditions here for a couple of reasons.

First, as much as I love a good rumor or two, if I can track down something bogus and keep it from propagating more rumors, then all the better. Second, and perhaps more importantly, I think Norm’s work here is really cool. He has obviously spent a lot of time making this look great. Norm’s disclaimer:

I am a digital graphic artist coming from a decade-long run in the electronic gaming industry. I never worked for Nikon, nor am I some top secret tester having possession of any D3 prototypes.


I really dig this LCD screen. I think it’s got a lot of great potential. I’m really big on getting info quick and clear. I think Norm’s onto something here.

Here, we get a glimpse into the amount of detail and effort that went into this impressive rendition.

Norm welcomes any feedback. Feel free to comment here or join the forum discussion over at

Finally, do Norm and the rest of us a favor. If you see these shots accompanying some rumor mill on the Nikon D3, let us know. In the mean time, dream on.

UPDATE 6/8/07: Just when I thought things were quiet this week, Norm’s renderings found there way into the rumor mill. Also, you can find them on Cnet (with the disclosure that they really are fictitious renderings).

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