Nikon Lens Rumors

Some new Nikon lens rumors have crept up this past week.  Over on a DSLR Google Group, one user has claimed to have a solid Nikon insider source that he’s known for 10 years.  Word is that Nikon is dropping 4 telephoto lenses, which will likely come at PMA 2009 if at all.

The rumored lenses are as follows:

Nikkor AF-S VR-II 200mm f1.8D

Nikkor AF-S VR-II 300mm f2D

Nikkor AF-S VR-II 400mm f2.5D

Nikkor AF-S VR-II 70-200mm f2.5D

I halfway expect an updated 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens at PMA because there were strong hints of a replacement last year prior to Photokina.  However, the f/2.5 maximum aperture in the specs above gives me a little pause on the legitimacy of this poster’s source. Regardless of this spec, I’m still optimistic that Nikon will produce a replacement to the current 70-200mm VR lens.

Any thoughts?

Stay tuned to Photography Bay as we get closer to PMA 2009 for the latest news and rumors.