neutral density

Hoya 77mm 9-Stop ND Filter

B&H has Hoya’s 77mm neutral density (ND) 2.7 filter with HMC coating for $49 (reg. $77). This is a 9-stop ND filter. Check it out here at B&H Photo.


Tiffen Variable ND Filter

B&H has a Tiffen 77mm variable neutral density filter for $99.95 (reg. $149.95) in limited supply with free shipping in the US.

Even if you a lens with a smaller filter ring, a 77mm ND filter is the way to go. Buy a step-up ring kit to make it work on your lenses. They’re cheap and everyone needs a step-up kit in the lens bag anyway. You can also get individual step-up rings from any lens size to step up to a 77mm.

Check out Tiffen ND filter dealĀ here at B&H Photo.

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